SOCKiTBOX is the US/Canadian Brand of DRiBOX Ltd.

In 2008 our MD identified a gap in the market for an affordable and easy to use weatherproof connection box.

Through the sale of Christmas lights via our sister site we discovered that many of our customers had invested in outdoor lighting, but were burdened at the prospect of funding electrical installation in the garden.

The solution of wrapping an extension reel in a ‘bin bag’ was the choice for many, prior to the launch of the SOCKiTBOX. Today this seems farcical as our SOCKiTBOX offers a cost effective way of safely housing an electrical connection.


The SOCKiTBOX was originally designed as an accessory for Christmas lighting, however today we have many markets for the SOCKiTBOX. The main sectors include:

The SOCKiTBOX retails in hardware stores, garden centres, electrical stores and is used by landscapers, installers and Local Authorities.

We are seeing a continual growth in demand for the SOCKiTBOX and are confident that this is due to its unique and innovative simple design.

In 2012 DRiBOX formed a Ltd company.