This brand new product has been developed by our own designers out of necessity. our customers and across the market have demanded a simple portable weatherproof connection box that is high quality and more importantly affordable.

the design incorporates a very simple hinged clamp mechanism that can be opened or closed in a second allowing access and closure immediately without the need to release or tighten screws. the lid also features an innovative waterproof interface which moulds around cables when clamped to the box, giving you complete peace of mind.

the volume of the box was also considered a key design feature as we all know space can be taken up quickly with transformers, controller, spare cable, timers and the gang socket. therefore we made the box much larger than current models available on the market with enough space for a 4 way gang with all other necessaries mentioned above.

this product is a must for your christmas display this year. you can also use the box throughout the year to protect electrical connections during gardening and outdoor maintenance jobs.