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“Very pleased with the product.Safe and secure from little fingers! Extremely weatherproof. Plenty of space for various plugs and transformers etc”  DRiBOX 330, Black


“Cheaper than any other similar item I could find. For my first venture into creating a pond I was confused by the array of electrical products offered for connecting up lights, pump, UV light etc.. but this item takes away all the worry. Just put your extension socket into the box, plug in the electrical items and shut the lid. Superb!” DRiBOX 330, Green


“It’s a box, it’s medium size, it’s dry, it’s brilliant” DRiBOX 285, Black


“The 330 Waterproof connection box is the simple alternative to the more commonly used waterproof adaptable box. There are no screws to remove or holes to drill and extension lead ends can be left on as they are simply put over the box wall at the points provided, as are the leads to christmas lights etc. The lid is then simply clipped into place at either end and the box is then waterproof when used as described. It has ample room for christmas lighting transformers and has the added bonus of being cheaper than an adaptable box of a comparative size.” DRiBOX 330, Green